Frank Gashumba not happy with Daughter Sheilah for Bonking With God’s Plan

Although most men take pride in being fathers of successful daughters, social activist Frank Gashumba cannot say the same about his daughter Sheilah Gashumba, because of the constant headache she gives him.

Moles close to Gashumba reveal that he is no longer at ease, after he learnt that his beloved Sheilah has since resumed indulging in romping and booze binges with her shady lover Ali Lwanga aka God’s Plan.

It should be recalled that a few months ago Sheilah had reportedly returned to her father’s home after he had bought her a reconditioned BMW car in a bid to make her forget the heartache the God’s Plan was reportedly subjecting her too.

At the time Sheilah was so angry with God’s Plan that she was looking for a way to even erase  the tattoo of his name from her body.

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Gashumba thought then that she would settle down and perhaps find herself something to do but he got shocked recently on seeing her in pictures enjoying life with God’s Plan as they popped bottles of champagne while at a swimming pool.

Going by the snaps that our Moles have since landed on, the two are evidently enjoying themselves without fear or favour to anybody.

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However, much as they are enjoying themselves, Gashumba has never approved of God’s Plan as a viable or potential son-in-law and has always been at loggerhead with Sheila because of him.

It is said that he faults God’s Plan for ‘spoiling’ Sheilah but making her indulge in a very hedonistic lifestyle whereby they just chop money and enjoy party after party without doing anything developmental.

Some time back Sheilah is said to have fallen out badly with her dad after he stopped her from returning home late at night zigzagging around in drunken style after her partying sprees with God’s Plan.

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When she realised that her father’s restrictions were curtailing her from enjoying the binges with God’s Plan, she reportedly fled his home and decided to move in with the dude at Speke Apartments, although they later developed misunderstandings that saw her briefly return home.

But as you read this, she has since reunited with God’s Plan and according to pals, the boy is chewing her Sumbie as if he has ever paid a cow or cock to Gashumba.

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