Francis kills himself over 18-year-old girlfriend’s ‘non-stop cheating’, leaves suicide note

Man kills himself over 18-year-old girlfriend’s ‘non-stop cheating’, leaves suicide note  || A 22-year-old man from Kinamba Village killed himself on Thursday over relationship woes.

Francis Njuguna, whose body was found hanging from the roof of his house, left a suicide note, in which he accused his 18-year-old girlfriend of cheating on him endlessly.

Francis worked at a butcher’s shop in Kinamba.

In his suicide note,  Francis said he was committed to loving the teenager wholeheartedly, and that he couldn’t imagine a life without her. He said he was left with no other choice but to end his life because he was hurting as a result of his lover’s non-stop infidelity.

Francis ’s friend, Peter Muchina, said the 22-year-old told him on Wednesday night that he and his girlfriend were having serious relationship issues.

“He [Francis ], however, did not hint at having any suicidal thoughts,” said Muchina.

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“I was shocked Thursday when he did not report to work, only to find his body hanging from the roof in his rented house located on Naivasha-Kirima road,” said Muchina.

The deceased was taken to Naivasha Sub-County Hospital morgue.

Naivasha Deputy OCPD John Kwasa confirmed the incident.



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