Former President John Mahama Loses His Cool and Dirty Himself On Social Media

‘You Are Ofui!’-Former President John Mahama Loses His Cool, Descends On NPP Man On Social Media ||

A Facebook user by the name Jamil Moon Goodluck Multiply was met with the shock of his life when the former president and the presidential candidate for the opposition National Democratic Congress John Dramani Mahama called him ‘ofui’ after he stated the NDC is bringing unnecessary pressure in the country.

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Jamil had commented on a Facebook post made by John Mahama condemning the NDC and their protests across the country and quizzed why it took the whole minority in Parliament to present one petition to the Electoral Commission.

It seems his comment didn’t go well with the former president who decided to reply Jamil and by so doing, he called him ‘ofui’ which means ‘fool’.

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This has sparked a lot of controversy on social media especially since Mahama has always been portrayed as a calm cool man.

Well, I guess as a human, he has a limit to what he can tolerate hence the reason he decided to take matters into his hands.

Even though people are claiming the screenshot about Mahama’s comment is fake, checks by suggests that it was indeed his real Facebook page.

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