Former MP Peter Ssematimba and baby mama Nanteza court case adjourned

A few days ago social media was awash with stories about former Busiro South Member of Parliament Peter Ssematimba after he dragged his baby mama Joan Nanteza to court demanding full custody of their ten years old daughter.

The story became famous because of Nantenza’s claims that Ssematimba constantly forcefully slept with her while she was working as his housewife.


Nanteza cried out publically seeking support from Ugandans to help her re-gain access to her daughter alleging that Ssematimba is not the right man to stay with her daughter due to his habit of sleeping over with her different men in his house. Nenteza says it will be a bad image for the child.

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Despite Nanteza calling herself as Ssematimba ex-maid, the former MP clarified that Nanteza was not his housemaid but a girlfriend whom he broke up with when she was pregnant. He explained that even after breaking up, he rented for her a house where she has been staying with their daughter as he provides for them.


According to Ssematimba, Nanteza does not have a job to help her take good care of their daughter hence the need for him to have full custody of the child.

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