Former Miss Uganda UK Catches Husband Pants Down Chewing Nurses In Her Entebbe Hospital

Drama unfolded at St. Louis Hospital in Entebbe as the proprietor of the Hospital Doctor James Kalule was caught redhanded by his wife Miss Uganda UK 2002, Lillian Kalule, he has been accused by multiple women including Pregnant nurses.

According to Blizz Uganda trusted sources in Entebbe where St. Louis Hospital is located, we were informed that a couple of nurses at this hospital were chewed by Doctor James and these included a one; Mercy Kilabira and Alum Mary Rufina.

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We have also been alerted that Mercy is currently four months pregnant with his baby. James and Mercy were the culprits on the fateful day when his wife, Lillian Kalule found them busy enjoying eachother in the hospital.

This all happened so fast since Mercy stays at the Hospital where she was given a room of residence to be a full time nurse but unfortunately the doctor would snitch in at any time and enjoy her pussy.

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The 4 Months Pregnant Mercy

When Doctor James Kalule was caught enjoying her sumbie, residents gathered to witness the free drama as the doctor and nurse ran away in hiding after a tip off from one of the hospital staff alerted the wife.

When Lilian rushed in, there was a big battle that residents ended up calling the police to come through and settle the situation.

Doctor James Kalule (The Accused)

We have also been alerted that Doctor James and Lillian  have been married for 13 years and own a couple of property including the famous St. Louis Hospital.

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The two started this hospital a few years ago as a family investment but unfortunately Lilian ended up paying for her husband’s mistakes as he reportedly kept chewing his employees.

Miss Uganda UK 2002, Lillian Kalule


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