Former Black Stars Player Exposed After Chopping A Slay Queen in His Car & Refusing to Pay – Full Gist

The disgusting life of cheap hookup girls will be on full display in this article – it will leave you wondering how they sleep at night!

A Ghanaian slay queen narrated how a Black Stars player used her and dumped her in humiliating fashion in a trending piece.

According to the slay queen, the player (whose name was redacted but pretty obvious to spot), used his sweet mouth to con and sleep with her twice, in his car.

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The smart player didn’t pay a dime for either dalliance to the disappointment of the slay queen.

This cheap hook-up girl revealed that she never thought a player of that calibre would con her hence she didn’t insist on cash after the first meeting.

However, he did the same on the second meeting – ‘didi free’.

The slay queen realised she’d been duped at this point but it was too late, opana already entered heaven twice without paying any gate fee!

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Ashawo girl was left humiliated.

Read her piece below…



As mentioned earlier, the player’s name is redacted but pretty easy to see and guess, if you’re fast enough.

He’s a player who’s been involved in these kinds of alleged sleeping around already so it’s not really a shock!

In fact, he’s allegedly dated Michy before!

If you’re still not getting the drift, reading the comments on the girl’s posts should make it pretty obvious to you.

Some girls dey suffer for this country inside!

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