Forever-young Prim shows off perky boobs & flat line tummy as she poses in a revealing yellow outfit

Forever-young Prim shows off perky boobs & flat line tummy as she poses in a revealing yellow outfit.

There is no doubt that celebrated media personality Prim Asiimwe is one of the sexiest female presenters that has graced the Radio industry in Uganda.

Her ability to stay young and quickly adapt to new emerging technologies has not only helped her remain connected with the young generation but has also enabled her to amass a huge following on social media.

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As such, the pencil thin Radio host has also seen her lines of endorsements increase each and every year.

Brands like Jumia, Bell lager, KFC & Glovo have all scrambled to feature on Prim’s ever growing social media accounts.

And the scramble for her influence only means more money for the big fore-headed Munyoro girl.

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For example, over the weekend, while influencing for Bell Lager, one of the big corporations she’s currently working with, Prim slid into a sexy revealing top that got most of her followers talking.

In the picture posted on her Instagram, Prim who looks relaxed while pouring beer (Bell) into a customized bell lager glass, can be seen donned in a simple yellow top that reveals a portion of her perky boobs and flat-line tummy. The stylish presenter also looks hot with her black shades on plus long plaited hair falling over her chest.

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As usual she captions the picture, ”Official Enjoyments beer. Feel free to hire me come pour for you #freshvybez like this”.


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