“Flaunting one’s endowment can attract rapists” – Actress Judith Nnaji

Judith Nnaji Nollywood actress, has said it’s wrong to flaunt one’s endowment as it can attract the wrong set of people.

She made this known during a recent chat with Vanguard Potpourri, where she said the social media trend of flaunting one’s endowment on social media is wrong, as it can attract the wrong set of people like rapist.

Judith Nnaji  said:

“Being sexy should be a thing between a man and his woman in private.

It is wrong for a woman to flaunt her endowment because it can attract the wrong set of people like rapists.”

Judith also gave her opinion on sex, marriage and relationship, stating that sex should be sacred and treated as such.

Flaunting one’s endowment can attract rapists - Actress Judith Nneji
Judith Nnaji

She said;

“Sex is meant to be sacred. Youths of our days should avoid premarital sex. Marriage is a legal relationship ordained by God and should be respected by both parties. Relationship, There should be a courtship before marriage so that both parties can understand each other better before marriage.”

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