First date: How to get her agree to a first date

First date How to get her agree to a first date || Lets say you have got her number and you are now planning to get her agree to a first date here are the steps you must take.

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After you get a girl’s number wait for a day before you call her. Most guys will the very night or very day after they get  the number. You appear needy off you do that. Be different, take time to call her so that she can also think of you. Se will question herself, “Why is this guy different, why doesn’t he call, doesn’t he see i’m very beautiful.” That way she will commit to you as you have shown you are strong and not needy.

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Be the mystery man

The goal is to be mysterious and reveal as little information as possible if you want her to be emotionally attached to her. You should give her a chance to dig information about yourself, girls love to find out through other means not to be given all the information. Girls do not want boring guys.

Informing her about the date

After you get her number, just call her and instruct her on the date, time and venue for the date.

This should be your first call after taking her number, “Hey, Linda. Its Malvin.” If she says, “Malvin who?.” Tell her its a wrong number. If she is interested in you, she is going to call you and say something like, “Oh, i remember you, how are you doing.” Girls test your manhood by appearing as if they do not care and if you make the mistake of being weak and beg them they will not commit to you.”

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If she doesn’t call back, or if she pretends as if she has forgotten about you just move on.  (girls never forget about someone they gave their number) You want someone who is highly interested in you. Don’t waste your time on girls that despise you. There are many beautiful girls out there who want you.

Give her instructions, never beg

If she says she remembers you, she has given you a chance to talk about your story and she is interested in you. Now tell her this, “I would want to meet you for a drink or two, or some eats at Nashville Restaurant at 3pm on Sunday,” and keep quiet after that. Most girls will be like, “I can’t make it, sorry.” Then tell her its okay if you do not want to go out. She will reply, “I mean i’m busy on Sunday, what about Saturday? She was playing hard to get trying to judge your strength as a man, now that you have stood firm she is willing to commit to you.

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