Find Out How Instagram Can Help Boost Your Lifestyle Blogging Career

Your passion for fashion and lifestyle might have translated into a blog that is out of this world. Having a loyal fan following is a blessing for any blogger, irrespective of your niche. However, you need to have a social media following to truly explore the potential of your capabilities in today’s world.

If you are already popular in certain circles for the content that you write, creating an Instagram profile could just be a boost to your existing persona. Or you could be a newbie with a dream to make it big into the world of Instagram influencers.

Lifestyle and fashion could be your choice of niche, but given the incredible competition in this area, how do you make your mark?

Here are some incredibly easy ways in which you can get your readers to follow you on Instagram as well as build a new community on this platform.

Consistency Is Key

Social media requires a lot more effort than maintaining a blog purely because of the regularity with which you have to post on the former. Your followers are always looking to hear from you, and therefore, you need to be regular.

Out of sight is out of mind on Instagram, and that is not only just because of the people who follow you also follow several other similar influencers. Instagram’s algorithm is also not your best friend.

 How Instagram Can Help Boost Your Lifestyle Blogging Career
How Instagram Can Help Boost Your Lifestyle Blogging Career || How Instagram Can Help Boost Your Lifestyle Blogging Career

It promotes people who post regularly, has a follower base that engages with them, and wants to see their content. For you to soar to popularity on Instagram, therefore, your content plan needs to be regular and flawless.

Posting 3-5 days a week is enough to keep your users engaged, but you also need to have constant posts through your Instagram stories to give them a little view into your life and creative process.

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Prompt Visitors To Follow You On Instagram

Whether you are new or seasoned as a blogger, good SEO is bound to attract readers to your page. And this is your golden opportunity to get them to follow you on your Instagram page.

You can add in a personalized message pop-up that prompts them to either follow you before they read the blog or before they read. However, posting this after they have finished reading and liked your work is wiser, in our opinion.

You can also create a video with free outro maker and use it as your goodbye message on your website.

Hashtag Your Way To Glory

Hashtags are the most interesting sources of finding new members for your tribe on Instagram. Using the correct hashtags, you can open up your feed to a whole group of audiences you might not reach normally.

The trick is to include the right hashtags for relevant content. Do not plaster random hashtags all over your post just for the sake of getting engagement, as this might lower your overall credibility.

Instagram lets you use 30 hashtags in every post, so make a list of 100 high and medium volume hashtags that you can use alternatively in your posts.

Do not get carried away by the fact that established influencers do not use hashtags. Most likely, they don’t need it! But as you try to build a following, hashtags become important for you.

If you have a cool blog or page name, you can also use that as a hashtag. You can ask your followers to use this hashtag when they recreate your posts so that it will be easy for you to find and like or comment.

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Highlight The Instagram Icon On Your Blog

If you already have a loyal group of readers for your blog, it might be wise for you to redirect them to your Instagram using the reliable call-out on your website.

For this purpose, the Instagram icon should be seen on your page loud and clear. So, make sure it’s big enough for people to notice and click on.

Another great way to direct traffic to your Instagram from the blog is to add a scroll of your Instagram posts on the page. This way, people can see all the good work that you are doing on your page and will be intrigued to follow you there.

If you are creating a new Instagram handle, you can also do a short post about it on your blog, telling your followers about the type of content you aspire to create there and why they should follow you on the platform.

Collaborate With Other Bloggers

The sum of the followers for two bloggers is always greater than the individual numbers. So, when it comes to increasing your followers on social media, you can collaborate with another person.

This would be a mutually beneficial move for both of you. Not only will you be able to tap into her follower base, but they can also benefit from reaching out to your followers.

Moreover, when two creatives collaborate, the result is always better because you get two different perspectives on the same thing, making it unique. You can use an instagram video editor app to create fun videos together.

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Post More On Weekends

Spamming your followers is never an option, but weekends offer you a space for indulgence. You can post on your feed or add regular interesting stories that will keep your followers engaged.

What we think would work would be if you have a steady release date for a new blog or a video every weekend. This would keep your followers hooked and would also allow you to plan a whole campaign around it every weekend.

Engage With Your Audience

Your followers want to feel like they belong to a community. And when you show that you value their comments and opinions, it might get them to talk to their followers about you.

Building goodwill is a great way to expand your following, and by talking to your audience, you can create that feeling of community. Reply to their comments regularly, put up polls, ask them what they want to see, and voila! You would have a gang of loyal supporters.


Making your move from long-form content to social media might not be super easy, but it will only give you wings. While it can be a bit of extra work, it will always be worth the effort.

So, follow these simple steps and build up a lifestyle blog on your Instagram that can set you apart from your contemporaries and garner you a very loyal follower base that always has your back.

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