Fear Women !!! Man kicked out his own parents’ house by wife to make way for her boyfriend

Man kicked out his parents’ house by wife to make way for her boyfriend || For Mr. Duncan Moyo, life feels totally hopeless and depressing after his wife, Diana Tshuma, following a domestic dispute, took the drastic action of kicking him out of his parent’s house where they were staying together to make way for her “longtime” boyfriend.

Yes, you got it right, if you are in shock and confusion, that Moyo’s wife kicked him out of his parent’s house where they were staying together and accommodated her boyfriend.

A devastated Moyo said his wife used a protection order as a weapon to chuck him out of his parent’s house after their marriage hit turbulent waters.

As if that was not enough, Moyo said his estranged wife was also abusing maintenance payments spending the money on alcohol with her lover.

Moyo, whose world apparently came crashing down around him when his wife invited her boyfriend to stay with her at his parents’ house, cried out for help at the Civil Court where he was seeking a ‘counter’ restraining order against her.

“I got customarily married to Diana Tshuma in 2009 and in March 2018 we started having problems which led her to apply for a protection order against me and it was granted.

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“If I try to voice or reprimand her as a father and husband after she does something wrong, she rushes to the police station to report me that I have violated the terms of a protection order and I then get arrested for Contempt of Court.

“During the subsistence of our marriage we have been staying at my parents’ house but I am no longer staying there because ever since she obtained the protection order she has been using it as a tool to oppress and abuse me.

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“My prayer to this court is that I need protection so that I will be able to move back into my parents’ house and also stop her from staying with her boyfriend at that house. She is also abusing the money I am contributing towards the upkeep of our children. She is using it to buy alcohol with her boyfriend at the expense of the children who are now suffering,” lamented Moyo.

He said after being chucked out of the house, his children lost the security of having a mother and father in the same home.
Although Diana refuted accusations leveled against her by her estranged husband that she chucked him out of his parents’ house she, however, didn’t dispute allegations that when he moved out of the house she “replaced” him with another man.

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“It is not true that I chucked him out of his parents’ house. He moved out on his own. It is also not true that I am abusing maintenance money buying beer since I don’t drink,” responded Diana in a stilted tone.

Moyo’s lifelong suffering will, however, continue after the presiding magistrate dismissed his application saying it lacked merit.

Turning to his request to bar his wife from staying with her lover in his parents’ house, the magistrate said it was “impossible” since he (Moyo) was not the owner of the house.



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