Fart on Fart !!! Man seeks divorce because of his wife’s excessive farting

Man seeks divorce because of his wife’s excessive farting || Among the many reasons why a couple should seek a divorce, a man has asked to be separated from his wife because she farts too much.

Speaking on the Obra Show with host Mama Effe on Nhyira FM, a man spoke about how his wife bombards him with fart after fart.

The middle-aged couple now despise each other because the man abused his wife for farting excessively.

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After moving into their new apartment, the man asked his wife to take it easy on passing air excessively because they were in new surroundings.

However, the woman revealed that her husband is no different as he also messes sometimes while they are together.

Mama Effe astounded by the couple’s reason for seeking a divorce burst out laughing almost throughout the interview.

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Furthermore, the man said in passing that his wife had compared him to her ex-husband who she claims never farted in her presence.

Joy News, covering the same story, took to the streets to question people about what their thoughts were concerning the issue.




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Likewise, we also seeks the thoughts of our readers about whether farting is a good enough reason to break marriage vows.



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