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Exposed: V11s Hell Commander’s mom slept with brother-in-law to conceive him

Exposed: V11s Hell Commander’s mom slept with brother-in-law to conceive him. Hell Commander’s story since the day he attacked Ginimbi his turned story has turned into a somewhat downfall. Zimbabweans have expressed their anger and it’s not looking good for him.

His popularity is slowly diminishing away. It all started with him attacking Ginimbi. MsShally and Nelia tried to make him apologise but he couldn’t instead he even went on an attack mode. So Zimbabweans reacted first by unfollowing him on his social media platforms.

On his Instagram page alone he lost 70% of his followers. From 36K followers to  4K followers. Zimbabweans have proved that they want nothing to do with him. Many say he is showing his stupidity to the rest of the country and they can’t keep him as their Mbinga.

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Hell Commander

One of the many Zimbabweans that are going after Hell Commander is popular businesswoman and socialite Edith Chibhamu. She has made it personal and is going after Hell Commander with everything she got. Below is a public letter she wrote in defence of Ginimbi and some V11s exposing Hell Commander’s mother shenanigans

Commander Hell

Uyu munhu uyu akajaidzwa first wotuka munhu wedu akashaya asina kumbokutadzira. Not 1 day did he wrong you asi womutuka. Wabva izvozvo wakutosvotesa vanhu kuti hauvatye.

Please forgive me family ndimbobvisa bhachi ra politician ndimbopfeka bhachi re hondo.

Iwe unongo rutsa kutaura chete it shows kuti hauna kurairwa. Saka ini ndakuda kukukwapaidza. Hausati wamborohwa nevakadzi saka for the love of our wonderful brother Ginimbi ndikuda kukukwapaidza ndirikuuya kuSA ikoko and ndoda kukudzidzisa kuti amai mukadzi wababa. Nxaa.


Dzikama wachepa iwe unofarise kunge mwana akazvarirwa mubhawa rekanzuru.
Wawata some more but chiziva kuti ini ndirikukukwapaidza. Hausati warohwa ndosaka uine dzungu.

Why won’t you respect the dead. We are still mourning our brother and true son of Zimbabwe. Ukadenha Genius zvasiyana nekudenha Zanu pf. Genius was loved by Zimbabweans more than Zanu pf saka dzikama. If Genius ran for president he would win without campaigning because everyone loved him.

You of course 😈demons in hell would vote for you. Pane zvematsenganzungu zvatichakupa kabias.


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