Exposed: My husband is a womanizer – He slept with almost every woman in our suburb

INFIDELITY causes intense emotional pain and having a partner who is blatantly cheating on you is such a disturbing and unsettling ordeal that no man or woman deserves.

However, a Bulawayo woman lives daily with this reality, enduring the experience at the hands of her husband, who she has labelled an incurable womanizer who has slept with almost every woman in their suburb.

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Meli Gumede from Makokoba suburb claimed her husband Clifford Gumede was a chronic flirt, who allegedly runs after anything in a skirt. From her claims, her husband was apparently addicted to women.

Meli exposed her husband’s adulterous lifestyle at the Bulawayo Civil Court, where she was seeking a protection order against him.

“Clifford Gumede is my husband. He verbally abuses me and he uses vulgar language each time he shouts at me. He doesn’t respect me as his wife. He harasses me so much that I am now embarrassed even to walk around in our area. I am even ashamed to go out of the house because most of the women in the suburb are his girlfriends.

His girlfriends send him n*de pictures of their private parts. Just imagine I will be sleeping alone in the house while he is sleeping with someone next door,” lamented Meli.

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