Exposed: Married Woman Caught Chopping Another Married Man, Marriage Collapses -Chat Leak Online

A Mt Pleasant married woman’s marriage has collapsed after her illicit affairs with another married man leaked.

Brenda Muzhinye, a dressmaker in the capital, told H-Metro that confessing bedding a married man only identified as Farai to her husband backfired and cost her marriage.


Muzhinye said she was forced to leave their apartment by her husband of 11 years Wilmote Zembe after revealing her shenanigans.

Brenda Muzhinye


Zembe said Muzhinye had turned her dress making factory into a love nest where she took Farai for sex sessions.

Brenda Muzhinye

“I never thought my wife would betray my trust I gave her when I suggested to move her factory from home to a better place for her business,” said Zembe.

“Instead of marketing her dresses, she decided to expose her under garments and conduct sex lessons with Farai.

Chats between Muzhinye and Farai

“She would lie about getting busy and waiting for her clients at the factory when she was busy with married men.

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“I suspected from her moves, excuses and denying me my conjugal rights that someone was dipping his stick into my well.

“My investigations took me closer to the truth and upon confronting her she disclosed her shenanigans.

“I feel betrayed and reduced to nothing considering how I worked together with her to be where we are today.

“Kurera imbwa nemukaka inofuma yokuruma.

“Brenda ndinomuda asi wandibaya panyama nhete mwoyo wangu wawona,” said Zembe.

In an interview, Farai confirmed dating Muzhinye arguing that she lied about her marital status.

“I regret the time I spent with Muzhinye unaware that she was married and I do not see myself continuing with the affair,” said Farai.

“She lied to me that she had separated with Zembe and I felt guilty the day I met the husband narrating how he sweated for Muzhinye to look attractive,” he said.

Muzhinye confirmed giving her love and heart to Farai and blamed him for exposing their WhatsApp conversations to her husband.

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“I discovered that I had no peace within me for cheating my husband for 45 the days I saw Farai behind his back,” said Muzhinye.

“Guilt conscience forced me to confess to my husband after he asked me why I was denying him his conjugal rights most of the time.

“I told my husband that I had a one night stand with Farai and that did not go well with him.

“He chased me away from home and I returned after engaging my relatives to seek forgiveness.

“Upon accepting my forgiveness my husband gave me a condition that I was to disclose name and contact numbers of the man I had bedded.

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“After I did that, he chased me away again.

“It was at around 10pm when he forced me to leave the house and I collected my clothes only.

“Hanzi handigare nehure saka nanhasi ndirikurwadziwa pamwoyo nekuzvidemba kuti ndakamuudzirei zvekurara kwangu naFarai.

“Today (yesterday) is my last day to post adverts of my dresses on social media because my life has been ruined and I do not know why Farai decided to add salt on my wound by giving my love messages with him to my husband.

“I want to believe Farai, believed to be a member of security agencies, was used by my husband to propose and expose me,” said Muzhinye.




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