Exposed: Education Ministry official giving jobs to beautiful ladies who agree to sleep with him

Exposed: Education Ministry official giving jobs to beautiful ladies who agree to sleep with him. While Blabber thought all professionals have some semblance of orderliness and a proficient way of doing things, Yours Truly has discovered that some bad apples in the sector will unleash the animal in them at the slightest opportunity.

What is this we hear about a certain official in the education sector who is only giving opportunities to selected beautiful ladies who agree to go between the sheets with him?

Word reaching Yours Truly is that a high ranking official based in the capital has a well-known local runner who is responsible for scouting for desperate female job seekers on behalf of his superior.

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Blabber understands that apart from full-time teaching enrollment, those desperate to be included on the list of persons marking examinations have also fallen prey to this well coordinated s.e.x scandal.

Yours Truly also understands that the uncouth behaviour is well pronounced in that subject that deals with physical well being.

Blabber is really worried about the magnitude of this maniac and his runner’s se_xual escapades, as well as the fact that the standards of our education are being pulled down in broad daylight as deserving individuals are being denied opportunities.

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When tracing the history of this uncultured official, Blabber found out that he was once a lecturer at a local teacher training college where he was forced to resign after a morally upright woman exposed his attempted s.e.xual manoeuvres.

The guy was determined in his evil deeds that he even had the tenacity to threaten the female with flunking her if she refused to yield to his s.e.xual demands.

However, out of his foolishness and recklessness, the student presented all the evidence in the form of text messages and recorded phone calls.

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The s.e.xual pervert was given a choice of either resigning or facing disciplinary action, hence the resignation. But then he was lucky to get another equally influential job. It is therefore a case of a leopard and its spots.

It might not be so long before Blabber removes the gloves to end this gross abuse of women. Yours Truly sincerely hopes the culprit and his runner will not take this as a threat, but a friendly warning. I rest my case!



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