EXCLUSIVE: Name And Other Details Of Kisa Gbekle’s Child She Recently Denied Having

We can authoritatively report that actress Kisa Gbekle has really given birth contrary to her claims that the speculations are not true.

Our source close to the actress has told us that she welcomed the bouncy baby girl last year.

The source also adds that a simple naming ceremony was put together because the actress did not want to make noise about the birth of the child but in the end, the baby girl was named Enam, which literally translates into English as ‘God Has Given Me’.

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We pushed the source to give up the name of the gentleman who is the baby daddy of Kisa Gbekle‘s child but try as we tried, our source decided to be tight-lipped.

However, the source tells us that the gentleman in question has a very deep pocket.

So you saw it here first that indeed, Kisa Gbekle is now a mother of one.

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You can also watch her recent interview with Zion Felix in which she tried to be smart and deny having a child.


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