EXCLUSIVE: Female Aspiring Member of Parliament Dating University Student

Aspiring Member of Parliament Dating University Student || Sources close to aspiring Kampala Woman Member of Parliament (MP) Dr. Stella Nyanzi suggest that the former Makerere University researcher is deeply in love with David Musiri, a Makerere University student pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce.

The two have reportedly been chewing each other secretly but our drones on ground have managed to establish that indeed the two are an item.

During an interview with The Observer last month, Nyanzi confessed that she is dating a younger man who belongs to the National Unity Party (NUP) and he is running for a Parliamentary position. The description matches Musiri, backed by information from both Musiri and Stella’s pals.

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“I am in a relationship with a man younger than me. Most of my love relations have been with men younger than me. I love this man dearly but politics is separating us. He belongs to NUP and is initially from FDC too.” Nyanzi confessed.

Nyanzi has on many occasions showed her love for Musiri by bailing him out of jail whenever police nabs People Power diehards in multiple protests. One night, Stella threatened to sleep at the Police if Musiri is not released.

A source close to Musiri’s pals, who preferred to remain anonymous alerted us that Stella would sleepover at the NUP diehard’s place and she would act as a normal girlfriend despite her books.

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The two were recently rumored to be on the edge of breaking up following Musiri’s decision to endorse Stella Nyanzi’s opponent Shamim Malende who is running under NUP.

“My lover is also running for MP; so, I think the intensity of the political season needs him to be loyal to NUP. It’s like I’m competing with his political party and its members, and I am too good for that. We are currently not in a good place. I am not entertaining anyone who is supporting my opponent over me.” Stella said.

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Dr. Nyanzi is 46 years old and Mr. Musiri is in his early twenties, according to our snoops.

We will keep you posted about the two love birds! || Aspiring Member of Parliament Dating University Student ||

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