Ex-Citizen TV staff Sherlyne, reveals the amount of money she charges to ‘entertain men’ in a private party.

City socialite, Sherlyne Anyango, has left tongues wagging after revealing her rate card.

While engaging her fans in a question-and-answer session, the fast-rising socialite disclosed that she charges Ksh 100,000 to dance for men all night in a private party.

Sherlyne quit her low-paying job at Citizen TV, where she worked in the production department, earning an average of Ksh 40,000 per month, to become a socialite.

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Last year, the juicy socialite from the lakeside city, revealed that the highest amount of money that she has ever made in a night entertaining men live online is Ksh 320,000.

Within the short period that she has been a socialite, she has bought a car, relocated to a lavish apartment in Kilimani and built her parents a home in the village.



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