“Even if we remain two people in this world, you can never chew me with that small dick”- Bad Black

Failed singer, city pussy vendor Shanitah Namuyimba aka Bad Black has come out and stung Ykee Benda over his tiny cucumber. She has said she can never be chewed by such even if they remain only two in this world.

Wycliffe Tugume popularly known as Ykee Benda shocked fans when he posted a picture of himself in a pair of shorts that exposed what people called a “tiny cock.”

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Fans and followers were quick to advise the “ma Bebe” singer never to appear in pictures wearing only boxers since they exposed his small manhood hence demonstrating that he isn’t man enough.

City socialite Bad Black did not mince her words as she dissed Benda through her socials stating that she would never offer her pussy to him even if they were left alone in the entire world.

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“Ykee Benda, Nebwetusigala munsi. Akasolo sikuwa olinga embwa” (Ykee Benda, even if we are left in the world alone, I would never give you my sumbie, you are like a dog), Black said.

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