Dress Designer Otsile Sefolo Calls Zahara ‘The Devil’

Zahara has been called many names by nasty trolls over the years…but having recently been called a ‘devil’ is definitely the first!
The songbird was put on blast by a dress designer after she allegedly failed to pay for a dress she wore way back in 2016.

The designer; Otsile Sefolo, laid into the Country Girl star in the comments section of one of her posts.

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In his comments – which have since been deleted – Otsile accused Zahara of ‘screwing him over’ with her non-payment.

He wrote; “The devil herself is onstage. This lady screwed me over twice. She failed to pay me the money she owed me from the dress I made for her in 2016 and now she wears my designs and fails to give us credit for our work…[she] has the audacity to bring back the dress dirty”.

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Otsile Sefolo
Otsile Sefolo

It’s not the first time Zahara has been named and shamed for owing money

In December the singer was accused of not pitching up for a gig, owing R20 000 for the no-show.

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