Drama as wedding gets crushed by groom’s wife: Videos

Drama as wedding gets crushed by groom’s wife: Videos.

The groom, Everisto Mukura, has four wives. His latest wife, Anne Ntini Dube, whom he intended to wed, was so humiliated she collapsed several times and covered her veil with an orange cloth, to avoid being photographed.

What was supposed to be a special day for a Harare woman ended in shame, with her collapsing several times, after her white wedding was stopped by the groom’s first wife in Harare on Saturday.

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Reverend Shirichena was the presiding marriage officer. Everisto’s first wife, Sheron Chitowa, stopped the wedding after coming with her two children to the ceremony, armed with their birth certificates, to prove her marriage. Watch the videos below

Pastor Mathias Madzivanyika and his wife Mildred, were among the guests and they played their part to console the distraught bride. The clergyman spoke to Sheron first before meeting Anne and Everisto.

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“This is not the end of life,” said Mildred, addressing Sheron. Maybe, you remember my husband and me when we were labelled Satanists for preaching good news.”


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