Drama as Member Of Parliament’s 1st wife, strips his 2nd Wife naked before mourners – Look!

Drama as Member Of Parliament’s wife, strips his 2nd Wife naked before mourners – Look! || The late Matungu MP, Justus Matungu’s first wife, Christabel Murunga, addressed the parliamentarian’s alleged lover, Agnes Wangui Wambiri, during the funeral ceremony.

Speaking at the funeral ceremony in Makunda village, Kakamega County, yesterday, the widow dismissed claims that the deceased had married Wangui.

She stated that her husband had not introduced the woman, who claimed to have two children with the MP to her or to members of the public – because he was happily married.

The MP had two known wives, Christabel and Grace Murunga, but Wangui has now sought to be recognised as the third wife in a case that is pending in court.

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“This thing (relationship with Agnes Wangui) you are hearing on social media here and there, is like a shadow of Murunga the person.”


“When you hear Wangui claiming that my husband denied her his ID card (so that she could inscribe his name on the birth certificates of their alleged children), or when you hear her claim that my husband refused to introduce her to the public, it shows that he respected me,”


she stated.

“He was not ready to introduce another woman to me (because he loved me).”

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“And, that is why I am laying a flower on his grave today.”

“He was a good husband to me, and a good father to my girls,” emphasized Christabel.

Christabel further eulogized her husband as a devoted leader and a loving father to their children.

“My dear husband was such a darling to me.”

“He was responsible, so caring and so loving.”

“He was a good father to my girls,” she stated.

The two widows of the late Matungu MP were embroiled in a court case with his lover and moved to have the orders lifted in a case filed by Wangui.

Christabel Murunga and Grace Murunga argued that the delay in the burial plans was causing the family unnecessary anguish.

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“The sooner the deceased is left to rest in peace the better for everybody,” they stated.

While releasing the body of the MP to the widows for burial, Senior Resident Magistrate Peter Muholi directed that Wangui and her children be allowed to participate in the MP’s sendoff.

The court also ordered DNA samples of the deceased to be taken before he could be buried.

They will be used to verify whether Wangui’s children have a valid claim to his estate.


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