Drama as High Court Judge Side Chic leaks his nudes to a Judges WhatsApp group

Drama as Justice Mabhikwa’s jilted lover leaks his nudes to a Judges WhatsApp group. High Court Judge Justice Thompson Mabikwa’s angry lover reportedly send the esteemed judge’s nude photos to a group of fellow judges using his cellphone after she discovered he was seeing another woman, ZimLive reports.

The woman believed to be Oratile Nare, a young assistant of Justice Maxwell Takuva, a fellow Bulawayo High Court judge is believed to be the one who embarrassed the widowed judge in such a manner after she discovered he had sent nude pictures of himself to another woman the night they were together.

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Nare reported;y left the judge’s house with the judge’s phone after the discovery and further went on to send the conversation between the judge and the pictures between the pair to a group of JSC judges and to some of his contacts via WhatsApp.

A police report was reportedly made and JSC is reportedly going to respond to the incident on Monday. Meanwhile, VP Mohadi was reportedly cloned and audios of him and his lovers some of them containing raunchy conversations have flooded social media.

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