Drama as a man catches his wife with his friend in bed and tells him to pay him $2K and take her (VIDEO).

A Tanzanian businessman is the talk of social media after demanding $2K from his friend after he caught him exchanging fluids with his wife.

In a video that has gone viral, the furious husband is seen confronting his cheating wife and his friend in a guest house, where they had met secretly.

“You have slept with my wife Mayombi, you have fulfilled what you set out to do.” He reprimands his friend.

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He then lectures his wife and informs her that their marriage is over, “You delivered a child for me and now you think you are untouchable.

“Our marriage is over from now”. He is heard saying in the viral clip.

He then tells his friend to take his wife and marry her before demanding to be paid $2K that he used to pay her dowry.

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“Pay me back my expenses and take her, she is now your wife,” he says.

His friend reportedly compensated him and took his wife as agreed.

Here’s the trending video of the dramatic incident.



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