Dr. Stella Admits Using Bananas Plus Longs Fingers When Her Man Is Not Around

Stella Nyanzi Admits Using Carrots, Bananas Plus Longs Fingers When Her Man Is Not Around.

Controversial Ex- Makerere Don Dr Stella Nyanzi has once again thrown spanners in the works after taking it to her social media account and revealing how she uses things like carrots, bananas plus long fingers to satisfy herself whenever she’s not around her man.

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The motor mouthed human rights activist made the sensational revelation after posting about how her man was pestering her to take him to Europe a year after denying her sex and supporting her opponents in politics.

After dumping me for a year, supporting my opponent in politics, publicly de-campaigning me, and giving me no sex, he now swears he loves me desperately! He wants me to bring him to Europe… Does my lover love me or is he a user?” Stella Nyanzi posted.

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As a way of showing her fans how she has been surviving without sex, Stella Nyanzi confessed how she had been using things like Carrots and long fingers to satisfy her self

”Thank God for carrots, long bananas, and fingers” Stella Nyanzi commented as she as answered one of her fans who wanted to know how she was surviving without sex for a full year

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