Dr Anu of Med Contour pictured in court as she’s arrested and charged following allegations that a botched surgery led to the death of a patient

Dr Adepoju Anuoluwapo was pictured today arriving at the Federal High Court in Ikoyi.


Dr Anu, a cosmetic surgeon who owns Med Contour, was reportedly arrested on Wednesday, July 1.


Her trial kicks off today, July 3, and police brought her to court this morning as seen in photos shared by investigative journalist, Fisayo Soyombo.


Dr Anu of Med Contour pictured in court as she


The medical doctor is in court over allegations that a failed cosmetic surgery carried out by her led to the death of one Mrs. Nneka Miriam Barbra Onwuzuligbo.


She is also charged with failiure to comply with a summons by the FCCPC Nigeria.


Back in April, Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) shut down her clinic, Med Contour. The FCCPC also began investigations on the clinic after receiving petitions against the facility’s owner, Dr Anu.

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In a recent interview with The Boss Newspaper, Dr Anu reacted to the FCCPC shutting down her clinic. She said it was “unlawfully done”


She added: “The FCCPC, without reaching out to me to get information on my competence to run the medical facility, unlawfully entered the facility, vandalised and closed it up. This is totally against the rule of law.”


She also blamed the sealing of the property on an “unsubstantiated claim” made by a social media influencer “about a procedure she received at the clinic.”


Dr Anu, who graduated from the College of Medicine at the University of Lagos in 2015, insisted that she’s good at her job and has carried out “well over 300 procedures” after she “had extensive training in cosmetic surgery.”

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However, complaints from dissatisfied customers got the attention of the FCCPC and she was charged to court.


The case is “Federal Republic of Nigeria v. Dr. Adepoju Anuoluwapo & MedContour” and FCCPC Nigeria is the prosecutor.


According to the charge sheet, Dr Anu “without sufficient cause” failed or refused “to appear before the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission in compliance with the Commission’s Summons date 15th day of April 2020.”


Dr Anu is also accused of making false claims about her services to prospective clients.

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The charge sheet reads in part: “The allegations are that the Defendants’ services are unsafe for consumers and that the Defendants made false, misleading and deceptive representation in relation to the marketing of their services to them. In particular, the above mentioned Vivian Onwuzuligbo, a member of the family of one Mrs Nneka Miriam Barbra Onwuzuligbo (now deceased), alleged that the deceased died as a result of the failed Defendants’ cosmetic surgery and she is privy to the events that led to the demise of the deceased.”


Below are screenshots of the charge sheet.


Dr Anu of Med Contour pictured in court as she

Dr Anu of Med Contour pictured in court as she

Dr Anu of Med Contour pictured in court as she

Dr Anu of Med Contour pictured in court as she

Dr Anu of Med Contour pictured in court as she

Dr Anu of Med Contour pictured in court as she

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