Down Flat: Pretty Lady in very thick heels stumbles and falls flat [Video]

Walking in high heels isn’t easy — and a cringy video that’s going viral on social media illustrates just how hard it can be.

Ever watch a video so powerful it makes you simultaneously scream out loud, want to barf, and vow to solely wear nothing but flat shoes for the rest of your life?

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No? Well I regret to inform you that you’re about to.

This video making the rounds on social media shows things going terribly wrong after a lady in long heels stumbled and slammed on a cemented floor while descending stairs.

As one might guess, she falls. But it’s so much worse than that. The way in which her body contorts itself is a complete freaking nightmare.

The neatly dressed lady was captured sporting a dress that showed her thighs and legs as she rocked the gold-designed heels with massive pumps.

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She also sported long dark braids in the clip that shows her descending the stairs.

It is not clear if the two were talking, causing the lady to lose focus before she tripped and fell.

Watch the video below ;



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