Don’t let social media fool you, make decent money – Beverly Afaglo to the youth


Actress, Beverly Afaglo is advising the youth to work decently for money and not succumb to the pressure on social media.

Responding to an Instagram post with the inscription, “at year 25, you should be driving,” the actress stated that giving oneself a timeline is not enough if you don’t work diligently for it.

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According to her, the youth of today want “to rather start from the top or jump from 0 to 100 overnight… It’ll be a great achievement if you drive your own car at 25 and you’re proud because you worked decently and diligently for it.”

She is advising against making illegal and immoral income and was emphatic that hard-work pays.

“My dear handsome, beautiful and intelligent young men and women, don’t let social media fool you, all that glitters isn’t gold and there is honour in going through the right channel to make your own money,” she emphasized.

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Read the Instagram post below:

Actress, Beverly Afaglo
Actress, Beverly Afaglo


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