Don’t kill yourself just to impress poor Ghanaians – Efia Odo advises

Efia Odo advises || Recent developments have generated undue strain within society as Ghana ‘s youth are now concentrating on lifestyles to impress and not save their families and lead better lives.

Focusing on material possessions has taken center stage so much so that people are interested in stuff you normally won’t be hanging on to.

One person who has chosen not to let society’s pressures touch her and Efia Odo.

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For her, life should be lived on your own terms rather than what people think about you because you would be left lonely when the cameras and social media are off.

She was trolled on her birthday for getting a butt cake, but she doesn’t get it to her but instead fended off trolls and explained why social media won’t force her to do stuff other people are doing just to please people on different social media sites.

She said “Stop killing yourself to please people who have no shit at all”

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