Don’t be pressured by our flashy lifestyles on social media – Juliet Ibrahim advises

Actress, Juliet Ibrahim has advised the youth not to be pressured by what their colleagues and some people they look up to post on social media because it could be deceptive.

There is a growing trend on social media where people post content depicting how good their lives are going.

However, most of the time, it turns out these individuals are not living the best of lives and could be suffering.

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In reaction to such posts and the unnecessary pressure they give to the youth in particular, Actress Juliet Ibrahim has advised that people should not fall for the fake lifestyle portrayed on social media.

Juliet Ibrahim said individuals should live their lives and not feel pressured because of what their colleagues post on their social media platforms.

She said “Don’t trust everything You see on social media, even salt looks like sugar.
Some people aren’t really all they “post” to be… So, live your life and be content with whatever it is you have and have achieved for yourself. Do not wish to be like anyone else. Secret of social media is; Packaging is EVERYTHING! Don’t be misled”.

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