Don Zella displays Chic Fall Style during a Bike Ride, stuns online in-laws

Don Zella has remained active throughout this pandemic period, with the socialite being spotted on several bike rides in recent months.

This week on Wednesday, Zella shared a series of unflattering pics on her social media pages straddling a sports bike in Boston, United States.

Straddling the bike, her head thrown back and big hair resting on her shoulders, the mother-of-three left many bashing her and questioning whether her choice of outfit was a wise decision.


Don Zella on her Bike


This is how we bike in my neighborhood. Dreams are not what you see in your sleep. It is the hood, act like you trust people but don’t, she captioned the jaw-dropping pics on Instagram.

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Zella shared a series of unflattering pics on her social media pages straddling a sports bike in Boston, United States.

Meanwhile, the hustler socialite, who prides in showing off her instruments of power for free-to-tap attention, has advised media personality Precious Remmie not to fall in the love trap of a smart wire!

This week on Tuesday, Remmie a.k.a. Ray P’s fiancé took the knee and proposed to her but according to Don Zella, the chap is a smart mufere who’s a specialist at breaking hearts.

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Via her Facebook page, Don Zella revealed that the same guy wanted to play her recently only for her to escape the trap. She further alleged that the guy has duped several desperate babes with fake love and bonked them on credit before vanishing into thin air.

Zella warned Ray P after getting engaged to Nkuba kyeeyo boy

“Bambi remmie don’t marry that ka guy nkalinako bwino kagenda kutomeza just ask him do you know don zella u Will see how his eyes turn to red I was with this ka man on my show in July 16th nga kabebera kalinga embuzi I asked him do u have a girlfriend mbu nooo era nekegana the whole night when the night ended we drove to his ka house. he has a little pee pee soft like oba ki? like a child I said eh so been surprised okalaba nga kali matala he loves fame sister otomedemu anyways congratulations kayinza okuwa empapula notandikirawo but Sente myeeeee Kagala fame nkamanyiii nyooo nyoooo let him come defend himself. Mpozi he changed in two months otherwise otomedde,” she warned Ray P.

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