Doing the ‘thing’ with my girlfriend feels like sleeping with a rock- Man shares predicament

A man has confided in an online counsellor Auntie Momoza, telling her about the problems he’s encountering with his girlfriend during intercourse. 

The young man said ever since his girlfriend augmented her bum to 45%, their lovemaking sessions have been nothing but lackluster.

He complained that the sensual sounds that come with her favourite doggy style have all fone with the wind.

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He shared;

Dear Auntie Momoza

My girlfriend has been on diet since last year and she also goes to gym. She drinks these funny teas from herbal what people. Between July last year and now she lost weight abnormally.

Her bum decreased by 45% and now I don’t enjoy doggie anymore. That pha pha pha pha sound is gone and now it feels like I’m sleeping with a rock.

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This thing is causing problems in my relationship that I’m even considering cheating even though I love her.

She doesn’t want to bring back the pha pha pha pha. What can I do to convince her to reconsider?”

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