Does Anyone Have Any Idea Who Efia Odo’s Mystery Man Is? Because We Definitely Know It Is NOT Shatta Wale


Andrea Owusu known popularly as Efia Odo keeps confusing us. One minute she is talking about how she all about making money and the next nanosecond, she is professing her love to one man we don’t know exist.

The only real relationship we have known Miss Odo to have had was the one with Kweku Revloe which was all over the place, albeit, she was rumored to be with one Carter but as it stands, we cannot tell how that one too ended.

A couple of months ago, Efia Odo revealed that she is celebrating her one year anniversary with her boyfriend which was quite shocking because we did not she was even in a love relationship to start with.

Perhaps she decided to keep this one to herself— today she is talking about how hard it is to love someone, adding that it is definitely worth loving them anyway.

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Does anyone have any idea who this mystery man is? because we definitely know it is not Shatta Wale.



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