Details on why showy tycoon Lwasa threw wife Angel, with her belongings out of his home emerge

Why Lwasa threw wife Angel out of his home?

Emmanuel Lwasa‘s bae Angel Kwakunda is sweating plasma after her husband Lwasa’s relatives threw her belongings out of her house.

Angel claims that five men stormed her house yesterday evening and threw her belongings out.

Sources close to Angel claim that she is currently homeless crying foul, accusing Lwasa’s relatives of pushing her out of her Marital home.

That she has even hired lawyers to argue her case.

Angel had returned to Lwasa’s house after mending their broken relationship a few months ago but it seems their bonkship has failed to work again as it was before their recent break up.


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It should be remembered that a few days ago, Angel came out crying for help, after a bonk video clip of a man said to be the Masaka business mogul surfaced on the Internet.

As if confirming that the skillful Muzzinyi in the video was Lwasa, Angel faulted and accused the hubby for embarrassing her in the public eye and vowed to slap him with ‘No Kombya’ ban.

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This website understands that Angel’s statement could have triggered Lwasa’s anger hence instructing his trusted men to crack the whip.

In an interview with a local TV station today, Thursday morning, the 52-year-old tycoon confirmed that he is the brain behind Angel’s eviction.

“…sagala kamanyiro… agende ewabwe. Nkoye ejoogo,” he blasted and vowed to further clip her wings.

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