Desmond Elliot Was Right to Call Nigerians Childish and Irresponsible – Angry Lydia Forson Fires

Actress Lydia Forson has slammed social media users for easily believing rumours that she had an affair with Desmond Elliot, and says that proves he was right to rant about social media.

Forson took to social media to respond to the rumours that she was once caught in a hotel room by Desmond’s wife whilst they were having an amorous rendesvouz.

The rumours came out from Nigerian blogs after Elliot angered Nigerian youth by slamming them in parliament.

He said social media has become a tool for evil and expressed support for a bill to curb its use in Nigeria – a bill many believe is the government’s way to stop the power social media has given to the ‘EndSARS’ protestors.

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He then proceeded to tag the youth as childish.

It was after those insensitive comments that rumours about his private life started flowing, including the one of him having an affair with Lydia.

Addressing the rumours, Lydia said the way people have believed the rumours prove Elliot right in calling Nigerian youth childish and irresponsible.

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This take of hers is not going to endear her to Nigerians anytime soon as Elliot is now possibly the most hated politician in the country after Buhari.

Somehow she’s found a way to throw her support behind him.

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