Desire Luzinda gives account of how a friend stole $7500 from her

One of the greatest lessons life has taught Desire Luzinda is that the people you associate with can either make or break you. She gives an account of how one of her friends stole $7500 from her.

Luzinda, now a Gospel singer, motivational speaker and a Phlebotomy student in USA, changed the path of her life which she believed was almost ruined by bad decisions.

She was a celebrated secular musician and media personality who boasted a large following across East Africa. Today, she sings and fellowships for the Lord as a gospel artiste with a couple of songs of praise.

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Such a turnaround of events that not many people are able to achieve and she is grateful for God who saved her life. She took us back in time when she lost a huge sum of money which was stolen by her friend.

She revealed that in 2011, a friend of hers stole half of $15000 which she had moved with for Christmas holidays at Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort Hotel.

She blamed her friend for stealing from her but not for long after realizing that it had been her unseriousness and stupidity that forced her to move with such large sums of cash.

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One particular incident in 2011, we had our xmas at munyonyo commonwealth resort for 2 nights and I had $15000. Another very close ‘friend’ stole half of it because it was in 2 bundles of $7500.

I got to know who he was but I stopped blaming him, I was to blame. why was I moving with all that money – UNSERIOUSNESS, STUPIDITY! I do not even remember what I used the other half for we prolly partied away.

Desire Luzinda

Desire Luzinda continues to explain how she almost gave up on life following her nasty relationship and events of 2014 but God came through and saved the day.

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THE PEOPLE YOU ASSOCIATE WITH CAN EITHER MAKE OR BREAK YOU!Someone recently asked me why I post about my life…

Posted by Desire Luzinda on Tuesday, August 11, 2020

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