Denise Chaila “goes bravely” where Irish Hip Hop fears to tread

Whether she’s dressed in chainmail or in an evening gown, quoting Celtic folk music or the Zambian national anthem, Denise Chaila is slaying it. Known initially as a rising star of Irish Hip Hop, Chaila’s mixtape “Go Bravely” has now propelled her to the top of the firmament.


She joins us from Limerick to tell us more about putting out music during a pandemic, and how years of collaboration and performance built up her profile.

Denise tells us about transcending black and white narratives of Irish identity, as she explores her roots in Zambia and her home in Ireland through tracks like “Duel Citizenship”.

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And we talk about some of the cultural and social contradictions in the rap scene when it comes to the perception and representation of women.



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