Dear Men: How to tell if your wife is cheating on you (10 SURE SIGNS)

How to tell if your wife is cheating on you || Here are Aunty Araba’s TEN signs of a cheating wife:

1) Phone texting and messaging and chatting all the time, posing for sexy selfies, giggling and laughing late into the night on her phone. Bad sign.

2) If you ever happen to come across her unguarded phone, by some miracle, chat histories have been totally deleted.

3) Takes too much care and time in her dressing maybe has new scents and even starts working out. Who is she doing it for?

4) She has lost interest in se_x with you, probably because that vacancy has been filled (or maybe she just doesn’t like your growing ‘pregnancy,’ snoring and beery breath).

5) If she has acquired new hobbies (bird watching), a new taste in music (she loved gospel, is now into Lovers Rock) or a new style of talking (she’s says ‘oh my gush!’ a lot).

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6) Zero jealousy – she doesn’t care if you stare at another woman’s big butt0cks at the mall, or flirt with a friend at a party.

7) You used to plan your precious weekends together, but she is the one now suggesting you go watch football with the boys on Saturday.

8) Anniversaries are forgotten, and birthdays treated with the excitement of a wet rag. Fights have become very frequent – you can’t just seem to do anything right.

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9) Her moods used to range from sulky to downright sullen. It’s like her face was permanently swollen. Yet now there’s a dreamy smile and gait to her step.

10) You had Friday rituals like maybe a bottle of wine and a movie, but she now seems distant to moody during movie time, like she wishes she were elsewhere. She does!

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