DEAR MEN: Here’s what women want in a man

DEAR MEN: Here’s what women want in a man || Chefs have often said that one must first feast with their eyes before tasting their food.

Humans apply the same logic when it comes to ordering their favourite man or woman.

It is how he or she looks and according to experts, women do a lot of eye sampling.

So, what do women physically look in a man?

A global online survey gave us an idea:

1. The butt

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Whether half mooned or curvaceous, women are mostly turned on by a guy’s bosom. Now who said women are not fully behind their men?

2. The 4-5 Inches dick

Size according to women does count, but in addition to that circumcision, thickness, smell and appearance also contribute towards what women look at in a guy’s 4-5.

3. Stomach

According to one se_xpert, women no longer mind if their man has a six pack or not. A flat stomach also does the trick for women according Askmen.

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4. Hands

Besides the old myth that the size of a man’s hands indicate how big he is, women appreciate a man who takes good care of his hands. That means nails are on point and the hands are moist.



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