Deadly SEX: Businessman dies while having afternoon SEX with his girlfriend.

Businessman dies while having afternoon SEX with his girlfriend || A 60-year-old businessman died while having sex with his side-chick in the afternoon of Friday, January 15.

The well-known businessman, who runs a chain of businesses in Mtwapa and Mombasa, is said to have visited his side-chick, who is identified as Esther Karimi, for their usual sex escapades.

Karimi told police in a statement that when they were in the middle of the act, her ‘sponsor’ started complaining of chest pains.

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Esther pushed him aside and encouraged him to finish up since she thought he was joking, not knowing that he had passed on.

The deceased used to visit his mpango wa kando at night but on a fateful day, he visited her in the afternoon.

“He normally comes at night but he told me he would like to meet me in the afternoon and go back because of his work,” Karimi told the police.

The deceased businessman was a frequent visitor to Karimi’s house and her relatives knew the two as business partners.

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They had known each other for 4 years.

However, the deceased’s family, including his wife, had no idea who Karimi is.

Police who visited the scene suspect the deceased may have taken sexual enhancement pills before he visited his side-chick.

The deceased’s body was taken to the Coast General Hospital morgue as investigations continue.

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