Cute headwrap styles you can borrow from your favourite celebrities (Photos)

headwrap styles || Yay or nay?   Nothing comes in handy on a bad hair day like a headwrap. Got an impromptu event to attend but your hair is in bad condition? A headwrap will suffice.

Because you never know when such emergencies may come, it’s safe to always have several head wraps for such days.


The best thing about headwraps is that anyone can rock one so long as you learn how to do it. And learning only takes watching a few tutorials online and trying them out until you perfect. After trying different headwrap styles, you can then settle on one style which you feel suits you best or decide to be changing from one look to another just for a different look.

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See how some of our celebrities style their head wraps below. You never know, you could borrow some styles from them:

1. African print is beautiful not just for dresses and pants but also for headwraps. Content creator Wabosha nailed it, so you could too.

Maxine Wabosha - (Instagram)
Maxine Wabosha – (Instagram)

2. For a sassier look, Ms Mathenge knows how to do it best.

Wahu Kagwi (Instagram)
headwrap styles
Wahu Kagwi (Instagram)

3. How about a simplistic headwrap look like Kambua’s? It’s easy to do and will not take much of your time on the mirror.

Kambua Mathu (Instagram)Kambua Mathu (Instagram)

4. The styles are so many. It’s upon you to choose what you like.

Amina Abdi (Instagram)
Amina Abdi (Instagram)

5. A not very common headwrap style by Joy Kendi that you can always go for when you want to stand out.

Joy Kendi (Instagram)
headwrap styles
Joy Kendi (Instagram)


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6. Told you you don’t have to be a pro in doing headwraps to rock one. See this simple style by Huddah.

Huddah (headwrap styles - Instagram)Huddah (headwrap styles – Instagram)

7. How lovely!

Sanchi (Instagram) headwrap stylesSanchi (Instagram)



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