Creepy Mohale captures video while Somizi bathing na_ked

Creepy Mohale captures video while Somizi bathing naked || Rumours of Somizi and Mohale fall out was all gossip fodder and has sparked more love between the two with Mohale deciding to be naughty by capturing his hubby while bathing.

Not only was this kept in private, Somizi decides to share the video on his social media attracting excitement from his scores of fans.

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Somizi described his husband as creepy but all in good humour.

Captioned, “My husband being creepy-crawly dvdiying me”.


The Kodak moment was taken while Somizi was bathing in his garden outdoors and shows how Mzansi talked about couple’s carefree attitude and lifestyle.


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However, Mohale was shrewd enough not to expose the intimate parts of his partner.

Fans commenting believe Somizi was in on the video while some ask why he doesn’t sing while bathing as most people do.

That was the whole intention of letting you guys know that his house has an outside shower.

Others say Somizi was just play-acting;

This is acting lol you knew he was taking a video in fact you where in on it


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