COVID-19: WHO Admits Possibility Of Airborne Transmission

WHO Admits Possibility Of Airborne Transmission || The World Health Organization (WHO) has acknowledged there is emerging evidence that the coronavirus can be spread by tiny particles suspended in the air.

An official said the airborne transmission could not be ruled out in crowded, closed or poorly ventilated settings cautioning however that the evidence is preliminary and requires further assessment.

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WHO made the admission after 239 scientists from 32 countries, in an open letter, had accused the United Nations agency of underestimating the possibility of airborne transmission.


The UN agency has for four months insisted that Covid-19 is transmitted via droplets emitted when people cough or sneeze.

If the evidence to suggest airborne transmission is possible is confirmed, the advice on how to prevent the virus spreading may have to change and could lead to more widespread use of masks, and more rigorous distancing.

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|| WHO Admits Possibility Of Airborne Transmission ||


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