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Confirmed: Ntando Duma axed from The Queen

Confirmed: Ntando Duma axed from The Queen.

Social media was set ablaze with some showbiz news after various sources confirmed the axing of Ntando Duma from the Queen. Rumour has it that the star actress was axed after it was revealed that she had secured a new gig.

Well, that’s not the first time the Fergusons have fired a star actor after securing a gig. Cindy Mahlangu was once shown the exit door after securing a gig on etv’s drama series Scandal. She was later recalled after a fall in numbers by the showrunners.

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Confirmed: Ntando Duma axed from The Queen

However, this year is proving to be a sad time for The Queen fans as Ntanto Duma might join the list of talent who have recently made their exit from the hit telenovela. According to a report by Isolezwe, actress Ntando Duma is set to be leaving the popular show for greener pastures. This after she apparently secured a new role on an upcoming Netflix project that could possibly put her on the map.

Confirmed: Ntando Duma axed from The Queen

Duma joined the telenovela last year as she portrayed the role of Mpho Sebata who received an underwhelming review from viewers due to her “dismal acting” as many social media users put it. With her eyes fixated on the global acting scale, Duma plans to head off to Mexico to be part of the AfroBeats In Cancun.

“That’s really up to me, I’m going to Mexico… there are a lot of programs I’m going to be part of with other celebrities. I will also manage the programs under this event. I have a lot to do because I have a list of plans for them,” she told the publication.

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Confirmed: Ntando Duma axed from The Queen
Confirmed: Ntando Duma axed from The Queen

Rumour has it that Duma’s final appearance will be at the end of June or early July. The actress’ possible exit has already got tongues wagging on Twitter.

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