Common lies men tell women

Common lies men tell women  || In chiShona, they say, Rume risinganyepi harinyengi. It means a manwho does not lie does not get the woman.

And men have been classically linked with lying, named all sorts of things.

There are times when the constipation of emotion creates certain labels and other times, not so much. Sometimes, they are real lies, and here are a few.

  1. I only have eyes for you – We picked this one from movies and it is a nice thing women like to hear
  2. I only fantasise about you – Well, we spent our lives fantasizing about our school teachers, some Hollywood star, our best friend’s mother and more. Sure, we’re suddenly gonna stop right?
  3. I am not interested in your past – I am not even sure how we cannot be interested in what stuff you got up to. And we act like your sexual history is not a thing. it is gang. It is.
  4. I wanna take it slow – We also read Cosmopolitan and stuff. We know you like to hear that.
  5. I fell in love with your soul, not your looks – You have now dated enough of us to know we can’t read minds or souls.
  6. This has never happened to me before – Oh we have had a premature ejaculation or even worse not been able to get it up at some point. It has happened before. PS. Thanks for being nice about it.
  7. I don’t masturbate – The dude who said that is not making it to heaven.
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