Chipper Cash signs Spice Diana as Brand Ambassador

Chipper Cash – the largest mobile cross-border money transfer platform in Africa – signed Spice Diana as their brand ambassador.

Since the year started, the number of endorsement deals Source Management songstress Spice Diana has signed make her one of the busiest artists in the country today.

From beauty brands, to mobile phone brands and now to a mobile money transfer platform, the “Kokonya” singer is doing the most to better her brand – a goal she set for herself a few years ago.

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She becomes Chipper Cash’s brand ambassador, a deal she signed for an undisclosed amount. In the contract signed, her primary role will be to create awareness for the Chipper Cash brand on all her social media accounts.

About Chipper Cash

Chipper Cash is the largest mobile cross-border money transfer platform in Africa. Users of the platform can send and receive money free of charge across 7 African markets; Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa and Tanzania.

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The sender loads money on their Chipper Cash wallet using any partner telecoms like MTN, Airtel, Safaricom etc at no cost and they can send it to the other party at no cost. The receiver will then pull the money from the app to their wallet at no cost and withdraw it from any telecom at the rates charged by that telecom.

Locally, a user can send and receive money from MTN to Airtel and vice versa without any charges as well. They will only incur a charge when withdrawing which is the standard mobile money charge by the telecom of choice.

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Users of the Chipper Cash app can also buy airtime at a 2% discount for all telecoms in Uganda and major telecoms in the other 6 African markets.

The app currently has over 1 million downloads and is available for Android and iOS.

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