Chinese Boyfriend Abandoned Me When I Told Him I Am With Child

A Zambian woman has asked for help in making her Chinese baby daddy accept responsibility after abandoning her and their now seven-month-old baby.

The distressed mom has been identified as Eunice Nasungwe of Lusaka’s Chainda area.She is an unemployed single mother who is forced to look for ways to fend for food and necessity for her child. Nasungwe spoke to one of the local television stations and aired out her concern.

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According to the 25-year-old, she and her Chinese boyfriend were cohabiting for many months. He even paid dowry to her parents and promised to marry her immediately. Everything changed when she got pregnant, and the man left the house and has never returned to date.

”He told me that he wants me because he is alone in the country and he wanted a wife he could stay with. Now, I have a baby getting even three meals a day is hard.

I went to their company, I was told that they only allow Chinese people inside the company or the Zambians working for the company. I do not know why they say that. My baby is still small, he needs his father even though he is a foreigner,” she said.

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Kasunwe said the baby daddy is alleged to be one of the company owners and the information she got from the management is that the Chinese people are not allowed to marry Zambians.



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