China created the virus as a weapon to ground world economies…International Diplomatic Consultant

Amidst the COVID-19 scare ravaging throughout the world, many people are holding various views on the cause of the outbreak. To some, it is a normal pandemic like the previous ones that demands the pooling of expertise together to help curb it.

However, some people belong to the school of thought that believes in the ideology that, the outbreak is a biological warfare with the virus being the weapon. Biological weapons according to the World Health Organization are microorganisms like virus, bacteria, fungi, or other toxins that are produced and released deliberately to cause disease and death in humans, animals, or plants.

Key among those who ascribe to the latter school of thought is Farouk Al-Wahab, an experienced international diplomatic consultant who is also a product of Afro-Asia Institute and Karl Franzens Uni. Gra- Australia. According to him, COVID-19 was developed by the Chinese to ground the Economies of some of the super powers and prove the superiority they have been nurturing over the years.

According to his analysis, if you look at the rate and demographics, especially the continental trend through which the virus spreads, it tells you something isn’t right somewhere. Explaining further, he stated that, any time a man-made or laboratory virus is produced, the human guinea pigs used for the testing are Africans. He made a serious revelation that, HIV and Ebola were both tested in DR Congo-Africa but first time in history, this virus did not start from Africa.

This should tell you the intent behind it. Farouk stated that, Africa was not a target because the Chinese whom he alleged to have created the virus are doing business with Africa. This is the main reason why, the first cases recorded in almost every African country is an imported case.

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HOW CHINA TRICKED EUROPEANS AND AMERICAN TO SELL THEIR SHARES: According to his narration, china successfully staged a movie and tricked European countries who own companies in china. Per his explanation, when the virus started causing many damages, none of the super powers offered to help China at the time so the Europeans thought it was a hopeless situation that the Chinese cannot recover from considering the initial thoughts that, China’s Economy was grounded. In effect, they ended up selling their company shares to the Chinese government out of panic. This according to the consultant was a grand scheme to ground their businesses.

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THE BUSINESS DIMENSION OF THE OUTBREAK: China has introduced a clause in response to the restrictions placed on their flights by other countries. Now if you want to buy anything from china, you need to rent a cargo from them so they can deliver the item to you. You cannot fly your own air-cargo into china to pick even medical supplies. As things stand now, if you want to buy face masks, gloves, test kits, you have to buy not less than 1.2million pieces. Chinese now supply to almighty France, Italy and the rest. Aside his points, China is now returning to normal production activities whilst the rest of the world halts major activities to focus and deal with the virus.



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Chinese claim that there is no vaccine for the virus at the moment. According to him, the question the world should be asking China is this: what did they use to cure the huge number of people who recovered from the virus? secondly, he alleged that, Chinese have a literature of over 80 pages on the virus. According to him, such documents take time to write. how were they able to produce one within this short period? watch the full interview below.

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