Chidera Eggerue explains why saggy boobs matters in excruciating details

Chidera Eggerue explains why saggy boobs matters || After a thorough digging to know about Chidera Eggerue, I learned that Chidera Eggerue, popularly known as the Slumflower, is an award-winning blogger, speaker, creative director and a presenter of The MOBO Awards.

Her blog The Slumflower addresses the subjects of female empowerment, self-confidence, self-love, black hair, fashion, and self-exploration. Chidera was recently the only British girl to make it on to BuzzFeed’s ’30 Black Girls You Should Follow on Instagram’ list, and has also been hailed one of Elle’s ‘faces to watch in 2018’.

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That being said, you’d understand why Chidera Eggrue is a woman’s voice in whatever issues that women go through especially those who have saggy boobs.

Chidera, talking to Stylist Magazine, opened up about why saggy boobs matters and how she decided to not wear bras when she was as young as 19 years old.

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There are usually some stereotypes of how people look at saggy boobs because perky boobs are usually mainstreamed to be the boobs that are expected to be accepted in the society and that’s what Chidera is trying to break, the stereotype.

Chidera Eggerue explains why saggy boobs matters
Chidera Eggerue explains why saggy boobs matters
Tom Oldham shoots Slumflower for CNN?Hasselblad. photo credit: Tom Oldham

“Next time a man asks you why your boobs are saggy, ask him why his balls are saggy” she issues her first opening statement as the video begins.

“There’s a definitely a lack of representation of different looking boobs. We only ever see perky boobs. One in particular message is being pushed repeatedly, that becomes your reality.” she said in part.

Chidera Eggerue explains why saggy boobs matters
Chidera Eggerue explains why saggy boobs matters

She, later on, went on to explain why she started the Saggy Boobs Matter Movements

“I started the Saggy Boobs Matter movement because at 19 years old, I decided to stop wearing a bra and it was received with a lot of cynicism; “Aren’t your boobs a bit too saggy for you to stop wear a bra?”.

Chidera Eggerue

She explained the main purpose of her movement.

“The whole purpose of this movement is to encourage you that your body matters, exactly how it looks.” Chidera also expressed the expectation people put on breasts even though they are not entitled to have an opinion because they don’t deserve to have one because they are not newborn babies.

“There are absolutely unrealistic expectations set on breasts. The only person in the world who deserves to have an opinion on breasts is a newborn baby and funny enough, I’ve never actually met a newborn baby who’s had a problem with boobs.”

“There isn’t one way to be beautiful, your boobs are not anti-gravity devices, whether your boobs are real or fake, or whatever you choose to call them, you’re allowed to feel great about your boobs” she added on the short clip that was posted by Stylist encouraging women to have confidence and feel great about their boobs no matter how they look like and whether they are fake or real, just feel great.




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